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Teacher Grants

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Teacher Grant Recipients!

Thanks to your generous donations, the SCHS PTSA was able to fund Teacher Grants to existing and new teachers : 

  • With your continued contributions, PTSA will be able to provide SCHS with further support for classrooms, clubs, campus beautification and college scholarships.
  • 6 teachers and staff members received "New Teacher Grants" of $500 or under each, totaling $2,400
  • 7 existing teachers received Teacher grants of up to $500 totaling up to $3,000

Teachers have been able to purchase various items to support classroom activities (including  a camera, printing material, PE equipment for the Boys Volley Ball team, field trips,  Bus services etc)

The Principal Ms Daugherty supported an additional 7 requests from teachers using funds from Assets grants.

The SCHS PTSA Welcomes New Teachers to Silver Creek High School!

The PTSA is pleased to offer a $100 New Teacher Grant to new Teachers at Silver Creek High School. 

How does it work?

  • PTSA will reimburse new teachers at up to $100 for supplies for their classroom/courses.
  • Purchase qualified supplies and keep the receipts
  • Fill out the New Teacher Grant Reimbursement Form and attach receipts.
  • Please put the completed New Teacher Grant Reimbursement Form with receipts attached in the PTSA mailbox at school or you may email your form with all receipts to by September 8th.
  • Email to let us know that it is in the mailbox.  
  • Reimbursement requests are approved at the monthly PTSA Executive Board meetings.
  • Reimbursement checks will be after the meeting.

New Teacher Grant Reimbursement Form