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Activities Director


ASB Officers


President Britney Black
Vice-President Venessa Nguyen
Secretary Kayla Pham
Treasurer Chloe Nguyen
Chief Justice Christina Nguyen
Spirit Leader Amanda Doan

Associated Student Body

Student Government

The Executive Council is the major decision-making body for the Associated Student Body (ASB). It is made up of elected student body officers, class officers, and commissioners (Athletics, Audio Visual Technology [AVT], Community Relations, Events, Publicity, and Student Store). The Executive Council meets regularly in Room I-2 and they interpret Silver Creek's ASB Constitution as needed.

The ICC regulates club activity.


The Leadership class is a period dedicated to the student government of Silver Creek. Here, student leaders are expected to spend their time wisely to complete work dealing with leadership and school-related events. This class is structured to provide working time for the preparation and creation of student body events as well as to provide a skeleton for an individual to build up and improve their leadership qualities. All leadership students must show a positive and optimistic attitude towards their daily work to promote the best interest of the associated student body, faculty members, alumni, parents, and others who step onto Silver Creek's campus.

We, as a Leadership class, must posses integrity and take the initiative to make a change and a difference as we are one of the most powerful voices of Silver Creek.


Class Officers
  2019 2020 2021
President Rachel Van Ben Huynh Alexis Wright
Vice-President Ashley Vu Christine Tran Holly Do
Secretary Karen Luu Allen Nguyen Vicky Huynh
Treasurer Catherine Le Canji Ha Kate Van
Spirit Leader Sandra Nguyen Destiny Hoang Kenny Le
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