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AmazonSmile and eScrip

SCHS PTSA participates in AmazonSmile and eScrip

*PLEASE remember to continue using your eScrip and AmazonSmile this summer; they donate to Silver Creek High School ALL year!! Details at

Contact the PTSA

Mailing Address:
c/o Silver Creek HS
3434 Silver Creek Rd.
San Jose, CA 95121

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2018-19 SCHS PTSA Executive Board

Executive Board Position


President  Usha Kalahasti

VP of Programs

Jennifer Lott

VP of Membership

Kawal Johal


Fareeha Sultan


Raelene De Santiago

Financial Secretary

Lisa Zee


Pari Pham


Alex Pham and Gonzalo De Santiago (Students)

Parliamentarian (appt by President)


Other PTSA Board Members



Linda Ha


Jackie Pham

Assistant Hospitality 

Zainab Baqar

Beautification Chair

Usha Kalahasti


Geetha Edara

Volunteer Coordinator

Aparna Palaparthi

What we do... Join us! It's fun!

With our Raider Fund, the SCHS PTSA provides funding towards technology purchases for classrooms, teacher grants, college scholarship for seniors, club support, teacher support, campus beautification, field trip expenses, spot awards, classroom supplies, special projects, staff appreciation lunches, and support for all departments.

  • Donations can be made directly to the Raider Fund at any time during the year on-line, in person at the school bank or by mail. 
  • PTSA hosts fundraising events such as Dandiya Night & Game Night where communities come together and help raise money for the Raider Fund.
  • PTSA also accepts matching donations from employers.
  • PTSA participates in eScrip and AmazonSmile.  These programs pay the PTSA directly based upon your qualifying purchases.

The PTSA also provides volunteers for school events (Freshman Parent Welcome, Schedule Pick up, Back to School Night, Diploma Distribution & any other event requested by the administration) and volunteers to plan, host events and implement programs.

Join us! It's fun! Everyone is invited!

Welcome to SC PTSA

Our Mission

To unite all parents, teachers and students in advocating for the best education for all our Silver Creek students in a safe, clean, inspiring environment that encourages excellence, dynamic teaching methods, creative problem solving, and community service, preparing our students to be successful community members.

Thank you for supporting the PTSA!

Your generous Donations, Matching Gifts, eScrip use*, AmazonSmile use*, Corporate Sponsor Donations and Support of our events totaled almost $30,000 for 2017-18 which allowed the SCHS PTSA to provide the following to your Students, Teachers and Staff:

Five $1,000 PTSA College Scholarships:

  • Congratulations to A. Francisco, E. Lenh, V. Pham, E. Sanchez, S. Van!
    • Thank you to all 54 applicants for all of your great essays.

14 Teacher Grants & 12 New Teacher Grants

  • Adrian Buenrostro
  • Lorena Cuevas
  • Leena Guttal 
  • Jonathan Ho
  • Alyssa Imai 
  • Phi James
  • Erica King 
  • Gabrielle Koizumi 
  • Lydia Martinez-Campos
  • Joann Mauro 
  • Chrissy Molfino
  • Jessica Stahlke 
  • Huong Tran 
  • Joshua Wen

Teacher & Staff Recognition Awards:

  • Special Raider Spirit Award: Mr. Mach
  • Teacher of the Year Award: Christina Molfino (Voted on by the SCHS Teachers)
  • Staff of the Year Award: Irma Mejia (Voted on by the SCHS Staff)
  • Thank you Awards to the SCHS Custodial Staff

Club & School Support:

  • Teacher & Staff Welcome Back BBQ Lunch
  • Welcome Back Teacher Gift Baskets
  • Campus Beautification
  • Steinbeck Center Field Trip
  • Japanese Academic Competition
  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Pre-Prom Refreshments
  • NJROTC Military Ball
  • National Honor Society Program
  • Dance Dept Disney Performance
  • Science Olympiad
  • Camp Everytown
  • Author Neal Shusterman Visit
  • Raider Booster Club Startup fees
  • Spot Awards
  • Honors Night refreshments
  • Freshman Guidebook
  • College Visits
  • VIP Graduation Seats
  • Forensics Portable PA System
  • Home Campus
How can you be involved and make a difference?
  1. Support Fundraisers and make a donation!
  2. Come to our events and programs
  3. Become a member! It's fun!
  4. Help us plan events! Volunteer!
PTSA's New Online Donations and Memberships

The PTSA has started using an online service tool called Membership Toolkit that allows us to complete all paperwork online, accept online donations & PTSA memberships and more effectively communicate with our donors and members.  You can use this tool to fill out all forms and pay either with credit/debit card online. Or anytime!  Give it a try! 

  • Our goal is $100 per family. We appreciate whatever amount you are able to give! Use this link for both online Credit/Debit cards.

Online Donations and Membership link

Printable Donation & Membership Form PDF

How it works:

  • Create an account with your email and a password
  • Fill out the Parent and Student Information
  • Choose SCHS Fundraising & Membership
  • Choose your donation amount 
  • Optional PTSA Membership available
  • After filling out the rest of the form, add to cart
  • Proceed to check out
  • Pay online with credit or debit card, you are all done!  Thanks!

Does your company offer "Matching Donations?"  Please let us know so we can provide you with any needed information.

The Silver Creek High PTSA is a non-profit 501(c)3, Tax ID# 77-0269896, so donations are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you 2017-18 Donors!

Thank you to our Generous Parent/Staff Donors & Corporate Sponsors 2017-18

  • New Seasons Market Evergreen
  • 8 Elements Restaurant Evergreen
  • Target
  • Freeman Orthodontics
  • Plaza Dental Group
  • Vienna Skin Clinic
  • Lystra Ackie Family
  • Cynthia Alcaraz-Jew Family
  • Rafael Alvarado Family
  • Stacy Alvarez Family
  • Don Amundson Family
  • Leslie Anaya Family
  • June Andaya Family
  • Amy Anderson Family
  • Lisa Anderson Family
  • Humera Anwar Family
  • Marialuisa Araiza Family
  • Sylvia Aranda Family Cathy
  • Arias Family Vinothini
  • Arunachalam Ezhil
  • Rajarathinam Family
  • Hina Ashar Family
  • Ranjit Bains Family
  • Zainab Baqar Family
  • Rebecca Barrans Family
  • Eliza Beach Family
  • Michelle Bernal Family
  • Anita Bhatt Family
  • Manjit Bhella Family
  • Amy Bui Family
  • Diane Bui Family
  • Quyen Bui Family
  • Susan Busing Family
  • Leticia Bustos Family
  • Anna Bykov Family
  • Glen Cabacungan Family
  • Gretchen Cablayan Family
  • Elizabeth Cabrera Family
  • Fawralei Calio Family
  • Lani Camacho Family
  • Nenita Canaveral Family
  • Gabriela Casillas Family
  • Tami Castro Family
  • Susan Ceballos Family
  • Mekhala Chakraborty Family
  • Jacqueline Chaney Family
  • Sharon Chao Family
  • Le Chau Family
  • Elizabeth Cheng Family
  • Renee Churnin Family
  • Shakila Cochinwala Family
  • Keylla Coldiron Family
  • Diva Contreras Family
  • Laura Contreras Family
  • Ronald Coopersmith Family
  • Leticia Corona Family
  • Bindu Coulman Family
  • Anna Cruz Family
  • Manolito Dacanay Family
  • David Dang Family
  • Huy Dao Family
  • Sangeetha Darisala Family
  • Shukla Dastider Family
  • Raelene De Santiago Family
  • Maya Desai Family
  • Shalini Dhar Family
  • Henry Dinh Family
  • Nadine Dinh Family
  • Thuan Dinh Family
  • Tina Dinh Family
  • Jasmin Distura Family
  • Tim Do Family
  • Tu Do Family
  • Quyen Doan Family
  • Rosie Dominguez Family
  • Freddie Ducusin Family
  • Maria Duenes Family
  • Sarabjit Duley Family
  • Linh Duong Family
  • Suong Duong Family
  • Sylvia Esperano Family
  • Elizabeth Espinoza Family
  • Roland Fajilan Family
  • Doris Figueroa Family
  • Laurie Flores Family
  • Amevic Francisco-Datuin Family
  • Sarah Fredericksen Family
  • Lynn Freret Family
  • Alma Galvan Family
  • Usha Gandhasri Family
  • Olga Garcia Family
  • Maria Garcia Family
  • Tracy Garfinkel Family
  • Alok Garg Family
  • Tommy Geata Family
  • Santiderjit Gill Family
  • Komal Goel Family
  • Dilcia Gomez Family
  • Maria Gomez Family
  • Alice Gonzalez Family
  • Beatriz Gonzalez Family
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez Family
  • Fabio Gonzalez Family
  • Isabel Gonzalez Family
  • Michele Gonzalez Family
  • Ruchi Gowda Family
  • Baldev Grewal Family
  • Jonathan Guingab Family
  • Upma Gupta Family
  • Frances Gutierrez Family
  • Raylene Gutierrez Family
  • Linda Ha Family
  • Raja Halahariri Family
  • Dinora Hernandez Family
  • Jonathan Ho Family
  • Sophia Ho Family
  • Van Anh Hoang Family
  • Chan Hin Hong Family
  • Lina Huang Family
  • Tracy Huang Family
  • Judy Huizar Family
  • Maria Hurtado Family
  • Hoa Huynh Family
  • Jimmy Huynh Family
  • Rita Huynh Family
  • Shelia Irao Family
  • Saroja Ivaturi Family
  • Nancy Jang Family
  • Chandra Jha Family
  • Kawal Johal Family
  • Ogian Kabranov Family
  • Usha Kalahasti Family
  • Neel Kamidi Family
  • Bhawna Kanwar Family
  • Neeta Kapoor Family
  • Parmjeet Kaur Family
  • Gurpreet Kaur Family
  • Raghavendra Kidiyoor Family
  • Grace Kim Family
  • Senna Kim Family
  • Cresta King Family
  • Menaka Kohli Family
  • Geeta Kunapareddy Family
  • Aliasgar Lakhia Family
  • Mong Lam Family
  • Thuy Lam Family
  • Tran Lam Family
  • Lucia Lawson Family
  • Brenda Le Family
  • Anne Le Family
  • Lan Le Family
  • Lisa Le Family
  • Van Le Family
  • Victor Le Family
  • Nick Le-Truong Family
  • Susan Lee Family
  • Eddie Leglu Family
  • Kris Leon Family
  • Andrea Lerma Family
  • Denise Lew Family
  • Marr Librado Family
  • Giang Lieu Family
  • Maria Lim de Veyra Family
  • Ann Liu Family
  • My Loi Family
  • Delia Lopez Family
  • Leland Lowe Family
  • Cristela Lozano Family
  • Tina Luong Family
  • Ngoc-la Ly Family
  • Dien Mac Family
  • Blanchy Mackay Family
  • Anitha Malavathula Family
  • JennieeMan Family
  • Christine Marcial Family
  • Gene Marshall Family
  • Heather Martinez Family
  • Lydia Martinez Campos Family
  • Steven McGriff Family
  • Ryan McGuire Family
  • Isabel Medina Family
  • Cecilia Mejia Family
  • Ana Mendoza Family
  • Natalio Mendoza Family
  • Maria Miranda Family
  • David Mirassou Family
  • Surya Mirtipati Family
  • Loretta Mosley Family
  • Mayra Munoz Family
  • Cristina Navarro Family
  • Nam Ngo Family
  • Tina Ngo Family
  • Anh Nguyen Family
  • Anh Nguyen Family
  • Annan Nguyen Family
  • Boi Nguyen Family
  • Charles Nguyen Family
  • Danny Nguyen Family
  • Dieu Nguyen Family
  • Duyen Nguyen Family
  • Emily Nguyen Family
  • Hao Nguyen Family
  • Huong Nguyen Family
  • Huong Nguyen Family
  • Huyen Nguyen Family
  • Ken Nguyen Family
  • Kym Nguyen Family
  • Lan Anh Nguyen Family
  • Lien Nguyen Family
  • Linh Nguyen Family
  • Linh Nguyen Family
  • Linh Nguyen Family
  • Linh Nguyen Family
  • Llinh Nguyen Family
  • May Nguyen Family
  • Nhung Nguyen Family
  • Phillip Nguyen Family
  • Quynh Nguyen Family
  • Teralyn Nguyen Family
  • Thanh Nguyen Family
  • Trucmai Nguyen Family
  • Nagendra Nirnakar Family
  • Raquel Ornelas Family
  • Rita Ortega Family
  • Parthasarathi Palanisamy Family
  • Aprama Palaparthi Family
  • Lilbeth Palarca Family
  • Harjot Pannu Family
  • Peter Pappas Family
  • Julie Parayino Family
  • Sunita Parmar Family
  • Shahanewas Parvin Family
  • Jini Patel Family
  • Kinjal Patel Family
  • Tejal Patel Family
  • Beth Pham Family
  • Dung Pham Family
  • Forsythia Pham Family
  • Hoa Pham Family
  • Jacqueline Pham Family
  • Linh Pham Family
  • Natlie Pham Family
  • Pari Pham Family
  • Henry Phan Family
  • Lexuan Phan Family
  • Son Phan Family
  • Santha Pinedo Family
  • Feleno Ponfillas Family
  • Ananth Prasad Family
  • Susan Quach Family
  • Everlisto Quebral Family
  • Laura Quintero Family
  • Jisela Quinunez Family
  • Fareeha Rahman Family
  • Nidhi Ramamurthy Family
  • Maria Ramirez Family
  • Ameeta Rathaparki Family
  • Joel Reyes Family
  • Maria Rico Family
  • Ranlio Rieta Family
  • Joanne Rochon Family
  • Jacquetta Rodriguez Family
  • Amanda Rojas Family
  • Maria Roldan Family
  • Cynthia Romero Family
  • Laura Rubio Family
  • Dora Ruiz Family
  • Monica Sabala Family
  • Ana Salas Family
  • Elia Salas Family
  • Lianne Sanchez Family
  • Darvaye Sanders Family
  • Laura Santos Family
  • Janette Sciba Family
  • Katrina Seal Family
  • Rita Sheth Family
  • Brian Shin Family
  • Beaulah Shirakawa Family
  • Yong Sohn Family
  • Darlina Sola Family
  • Hoang Son Family
  • Ginger Sotelo Family
  • Ali Syed Family
  • Juliet Ta Family
  • Thuy Ta Family
  • Irene Taing Family
  • Judy Taylor Family
  • Shachi Thadhani Family
  • Bobi Thai Family
  • Satish Thamalla Family
  • Anh Thi Troung Family
  • Cindy Thompson Family
  • Lee Thorpe Family
  • Carmen To Family
  • Christina Ton Family
  • Jenny Tonnu Family
  • Van TonThat Family
  • Alice Tran Family
  • Cam Tran Family
  • Danh Tran Family
  • Eric Tran Family
  • Khanh Tran Family
  • Kim Tran Family
  • Kim Tran Family
  • Long Tran Family
  • Melissa Tran Family
  • Quoc Tran Family
  • Thuy Tran Family
  • Tiffany Tran Family
  • Winnie Tran Family
  • Minhhoa Trinh Family
  • Bang Truong Family
  • Jenny Truong Family
  • Linh Truong Family
  • Michelle Truong Family
  • Thomas Tu Family
  • Zico Tv Family
  • Sharon Upham Family
  • Sridevi Vadi Family
  • Atul Vaghela Family
  • Aurora Vega Family
  • Roxanne Velasco Family
  • Rajnish Verma Family
  • Myra Verzosa Family
  • Liditze Villagrana Family
  • Rebecca Villagrana Family
  • Lina Vo Family
  • Binh Vu Family
  • Long Vu Family
  • Son Vu Family
  • Dzumg Vuong Family
  • Lara Walker Family
  • Kelly Wang Family
  • Jeaneete Williams Family
  • Susan Williams Family
  • Ed Wong Family
  • Emily Wong Family
  • Gloria Wooden Family
  • Lijuan Wu Family
  • Maria Yanez Family
  • Pallavi Yaramada Family
  • Karen Yoshioka Family
  • Olivia Yrungaray Family
  • Tam Yu Family
  • Linda Zaia Family
  • Martha Zaragoza Family
  • Sandra Zuccaro Family