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PTSA Spotlight

Over the past few months,SCHS PTSA has successfully collaborated with Parents, Students and Staff and succeeded in making a positive impact at the school and in the district.

Welcoming Staff  "Back to School" - August 2020

The start of the new academic year brought a different challenge to the PTSA.  Traditionally, the PTSA organizes and provides a Welcome Back-to-School luncheon for the SCHS staff and teachers.  Because of the social restrictions imposed by the pandemic and the online distance learning, the staff was not required to be on campus.  The lack of the staff on campus meant the cancellation of the annual luncheon.  

The PTSA still wanted to find a way to welcome and thank the staff and the teachers even though a luncheon could not be provided for them.  After soliciting ideas from the SCHS administration, it was decided that the PTSA would purchase custom made face masks in the black and orange school colors for everyone.  With the help of Werner Haag, one of the SCHS wrestling coaches, the PTSA was able to order 150 masks.  The masks arrived Wednesday, August 26th, five days earlier than expected, much to the delight of the PTSA.  The masks were then packaged individually in gift bags and delivered to the school to be distributed to the staff.  

The PTSA team gave a heartfelt welcome to the staff with a gift that will be a lasting memory of an unforgettable school year! The school staff and teachers were more than happy to receive such a thoughtful gift from the community of parents and students. 

A special Thank-You to Karen Yoshioka and Neelima Singireddy for leading this effort, and dedicating their time and energy to this valuable task, and starting the new year with a bang!



CHRISTMAS GIVING - December 2018

         In the first week of December 2018, PTSA  promoted the Annual Christmas Giving initiative of the East Side Union School District. Annually, the  School District provides Christmas gifts/gift cards at the Annual Christmas Dinner to high school students district wide who come from families that live in shelters or in shared housing. This school year, High school students from 100 families were the recipients.  24 of the families belong to our SCHS community.

Thanks to the heartwarming generosity of our Silver Creek families, PTSA was able to raise $375 in cash and $ 575 in gift cards in under a week. With the donations that were received and received promptly after the schoolloop message went out, PTSA was able to provide $25 gift cards to the students from SCHS community. In addition, some students from other high schools in the neighborhood were also provided with gift cards. With the remainder of the donated funds, Christmas gifts for siblings from these families were purchased. Parents also donated new socks and gloves that were given to the families.

What started as a request for Christmas gifts for 5 SCHS students  who live in shelters, became hugely successful Christmas Giving project that provided Christmas cheer to many families in the district. A huge THANK YOU to all the SCHS parents who supported this initiative and helped spread the spirit of Christmas. A big THANK YOU to Ms Elizabeth Cabrera, Parent Center Co-Ordinator, who worked with the district and the parent community to make this effort hugely successful.

PTSA plans to make this an annual project so stay tuned for details for the 2019 Christmas Giving Initiative.


Improvements to the Conference Room

In November 2018, PTSA approached Freshman parent - Interior Designer Ms. Noor Majhi of iD2 Concepts Interior Design Studio - to help make improvements to the Conference Room in the  Attendance Office  at SCHS. Improvements to the conference room were requested by Associate Principal Ms La Price Sanford and PTSA was able to provide the funding for the improvements thanks to the generous donations received this year to the Raider Fund. PTSA exceeded it's fund raising goal which has allowed for the completion of such projects.

 Thanks to the extremely professional work of iD2 Concepts and Ms Noor Majhi, the project to make improvements to the conference room was completed very well and the conference room looks fabulous.  The voluntary work provided by Ms Majhi and iD2 Concepts was invaluable. The room is currently used as a conference room where district staff, Child services and other groups meet the staff of SCHS and / or students. 

PTSA spent $500 towards this project which was completed in about 35 man hours.

Thank you parents for your generosity which has made this project possible and thank you to Ms Noor Majhi and iD2 Concepts for volunteering your time, creativity and efforts to make SCHS a better place for everyone.