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Additional Information

FAQs that are common to our class/program are addressed in this document. This can alleviate many questions students have for counselors when selecting classes.

More details can be found on the official site of the NJROTC program.

See what is happening with Silver Creek NJROTC.

Naval Jr. ROTC

Our cadets stand out among their peers as ethical, confident, physically fit, and academically dedicated young men and women. Since 2008 we have been honored as a Distinguished Unit and we again earned Distinguished Unit status in 2017. Silver Creek NJROTC has earned Distinguished Unit the past ten years in a row and is considered one of the best units in all of the North Western United States, and is also one of the top schools of the 620 high school programs in the world.

Every school year, the unit's over 100 cadets perform nearly 3000 community service hours and has been presented with a San Jose City Council Letter of Commendation and a plaque for their community service and Santa Clara County has presented the unit with a Letter of Commendation for their community service excellence.

Along with community service opportunities, students will be able to compete on marching, academic, physical fitness, intramural sport, and marksmanship teams both locally and nationally. Field trips, leadership camps, and numerous challenges are some of the activities available to each cadet.

The Valley of San Jose Scottish Rite center has presented Master Chief Howell with its Non-Commissioned Officer Instructor of the Year Award.

NJROTC was awarded a "Bravo Zulu" pennant and earned the highest rating on our annual Area Manager Inspection. The unit received an overall grade of "Outstanding."

Course Listing

Naval Science 1

Grade 9 (year): E, CSU, UC (g)

Prerequisites: None

The curriculum for the NJROTC program combines leadership/citizenship training with the academic requirements of high school. This course includes studies in oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, electricity, navigation, and naval electronics. The student must learn appropriate theory and must apply this theory to the solution of laboratory problems. The basic principles are then applied to specific areas of naval science: two academic, one physical fitness, one leadership, and one drill periods are conducted weekly. Cadets participate in numerous outside activities throughout the school year and during the summer months to reinforce classroom instruction.

Naval Science 2

Grade 10 (year): E, CSU, UC (g)

Prerequisites: SNSI/Naval Science 1 instructor’s approval if grade less than C

Naval Science 2 focuses on maritime geography/development of naval sea power and a nation's ability to make use of the oceans. The course is viewed through the historical development of sea power from the early sailors of ancient Crete to our modern day sea power environment. It develops an understanding of the growing interdependence of nations of the world, military history, and the principles of war from a naval standpoint. Two academic, one physical fitness, one leadership, and one drill periods are conducted weekly.

Naval Science 3

Grade 11 (year): E, CSU, UC (g)

Prerequisites: Naval Science 2 instructor’s approval if grade less than C

Cadets will begin the transition from a followership to a leadership role. Academic curriculum includes naval weapons, national strategy and naval operations, international law and the sea, navy research and development programs, basic ship construction and damage control, and communications. Two academic, one physical fitness, one leadership, and one drill periods are conducted weekly.

Naval Science 4

Grade 12 (year): E, CSU, UC (g)

Prerequisites: Naval Science 3 instructor’s approval if grade less than C

Senior cadets perform unique responsibilities in leadership positions; guiding, aiding and providing the example roles to the junior cadre of junior student cadets. Academic curriculum focuses on extensive elements of leadership including communications, responsibility, authority, influence by example, forming teams, and inspections. The Navy's Health and Physical Fitness program is covered in depth in the classroom. Practical physical fitness training and uniform inspection/drill are also provided. Two academic, one physical fitness, one leadership, and one drill periods are conducted weekly.