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Mary Barrett-Wong, APED

Ms. Wong has been a Professional Development Coordinator, AVID coordinator, Department Chair, and a math teacher for ESUHSD for twenty years.

The Associate Principal of Educational Development (APED) works to coordinate and organize the master schedule of classes for the upcoming school year as well as oversee the counseling department and the scheduling process. The APED also works with PTSA and the Black Student Union at school.

Contact Mrs. Barrett - Wong  Mrs. Barrett - Wong (408) 347-5630 Associate Principal of Educational Development
Contact Megan Cabalar  Megan Cabalar (408) 347-5635 Counselor (Lf-N)
Contact Anh Diep  Anh Diep (408) 347-5637 Counseling Technician
Contact Ngoc-Hung (JD) Do  Ngoc-Hung (JD) Do (408) 347-5820 Counselor (E-Le)
Contact Sylvia Rabago  Sylvia Rabago (408) 347-5832 Counselor (O-R)
Contact Allan Roberts  Allan Roberts (408) 347-5817 Head Counselor (A-D)
Contact Evelyn Sanchez  Evelyn Sanchez (408) 347-5636 Counselor (S-Z)