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La Price Sanford, APA

La Price Sanford


La Price Sanford is the Associate Principal of Administrative Services (APA) of Silver Creek High School.

The APA is responsible for overseeing the student body and all student body affairs as well as the enforcement of board-approved discipline policies. The APA also works with the Activities Director in supervising the student events of Silver Creek.

As the APA, Ms. Sanford furthermore oversees campus safety, school facilities, student discipline, student attendance, intra-district transfers, and alternative education, etc.

DELAC, ELAC, and the Vietnamese Parent Organization are also APA responsibilities.

Contact Lisette Goulart  Lisette Goulart (408) 347-5654 Attendance Clerk (M-Z)
Contact Josefina Ortiz  Josefina Ortiz (408) 347-5621 Attendance Secretary (A-L)
Contact La Price Sanford  La Price Sanford Associate Principal (APA)