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Course descriptions are included on each department page, we also have a full listing of courses in our Course Descriptions and Program Offerings (PDF). This document provides information about the different courses offered as well as a few details about the path to graduation.

Academic Counselors
Contact Megan Cabalar  Megan Cabalar (408) 347-5635 Counselor (Lf-N)
Contact Ngoc-Hung (JD) Do  Ngoc-Hung (JD) Do (408) 347-5820 Counselor (E-Le)
Contact Sylvia Rabago  Sylvia Rabago (408) 347-5832 Counselor (O-R)
Contact Allan Roberts  Allan Roberts (408) 347-5817 Head Counselor (A-D)
Contact Evelyn Sanchez  Evelyn Sanchez (408) 347-5636 Counselor (S-Z)