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Jason James

Course 1 Physical Education

The 2nd grading period is coming to a close, and the students completed our P.E. Department "Yes" Program and California FitnessGram Pre-Test. The "Yes" Program included an outside non-profit group providing yoga, breathing techniques relating to stress reduction, and real life problem solving strategies. California State FitnessGram test is required to be taken by all 9th graders. They will test in 6 areas which are the Mile Run(cardiovascular component), Push-ups(upper body strength), Sit-ups(abdominal strength), Sit Reach(lower body flexibility), Trunk Extensions(lower back flexibility), and Height/Weight(body mass index component). Students have to pass 5 out of 6 tests in order to pass the FitnessGram.

Our 3rd grading period begins Nov. 4th and will will begin our Dance Unit(3weeks of Line Dancing & 3 weeks of Partner Dancing). During this unit we will be running our Annual Turkey Trot, the week of Thanksgiving.

Course 2 Physical Education

We are winding down the 2nd grading period and the students have been mastering their skills in Volleyball. This week the students will be taking their Volleyball Skills Test(bumping, setting, & serving). Students will need to successful complete 3 out of 5 attempts in each skill area in order to pass. 

The 3rd grading period will begin Nov. 4th and the students will be learning basketball. We will be running our Annual Turkey Trot Run the week of Thanksgiving.

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