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Quang Nguyen

Quang Nguyen

Full name: Quang The Nguyen

Date of birth: June 03, 1958

Place of birth: Vietnam


BA, Social Science, Cum Laude, San Jose State University, 1997

Single Subject Teaching Credential, Social Science, San Jose State University, 1999

Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential, California, 2001

Single Subject Assessment for Teaching, Vietnamese, CA, 1996

Work History:

1977-1979: farm laborer, Vietnam

1979-1980: bank employee, Vietnam

1981-1988: sidewalk seller of used books and tutor, Vietnam

Apr 1988-Aug 1989: volunteer translator and interpreter in refugee camps, Malaysia and Philippines

Sep 1989-Oct 1989: warehouse worker, Jersey City, New Jersey

Nov 1989-Feb 1990: waiter and dishwasher, San Jose, CA

Mar 1990-Jul 1997: teacher aide, Silver Creek High School, ESUHSD, San Jose, CA

Aug 1997 - present: Teacher, Silver Creek High School, ESUHSD, San Jose, CA

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