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APUS Summer Assignment

Click here for the APUS History Summer Assignment

Mr. Taylor's Webpage!

Hi Everyone!

You can find pretty much everything you need, here.

To find a syllabus just follow the link to the appropriate class.

In each class I have also included many useful items in the "Course Lockers."  Check them out!


Hey I'm also on Google Sites!

Facebook Group Page

New for 2017-18:  I've created a Facebook Group Page for the class.

Mr. Taylor's History Class

This is a closed group, and students will need to provide a student ID# when asking to join to verify they are currently enrolled at SCHS.

Hey look it is me!
Mr. Taylor

Old Webpage

Here is a link to my old website.  There are several old homework assignments and old webpages there, but I've moved most of the stuff to this site: