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Sign Up for Cyber High!!!
Posted 8/23/19

Hey Raiders!


Are you short of credit towards graduation? If so, you are in luck. Cyber High is an online course that will help you recover those missing credits. Unfortunately, science and world language courses will not be offered through Cyber High. To register, make an appointment with your counselor, get a grad inventory, and sign up with the following teachers:


Ms. Prudencio (All Subjects but English) M/W from 3-5pm in room E3

Mrs. James (All Subjects but English) T/Th from 3-5pm in room E3


Ms. Brooke(M) and Ms. Stahlke(W) (English) M/W from 3-5pm in room T5


Mrs. Mollique(T) and Mr. Prudencio(TH) (English) T/Th from 3-5pm in room U12


NO GRAD INVENTORY, NO SIGN UPS! Spaces are limited, so act fast. Class starts on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019. If you have an IEP or a 504 Plan, please bring those with you during registration.