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Contact Alison Montgomery  Alison Montgomery (408) 347-5644 Registrar


Enrolling your student at Silver Creek High School requires several forms and supporting documentation. You may pick up the registration forms in person or you may print out the forms from the links below. The first link provides a checklist of the documents that need to be submitted. The rest of the links lead to the registration documents that must be filled out and signed by the parent or guardian; non-parent guardians must bring legal papers designating them as such. If your student is in Special Education, please bring the current IEP.

Incoming freshman registration for students not coming from any of our 3 feeder schools (Leyva, Quimby Oak, or Chaboya) or who have recently moved to our area will begin in April. Please email the Registrar for an appointment.

Please bring the completed forms and supporting documents into the Registrar's Office at Silver Creek between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, Monday through Thursday.

Have a great school year!