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Silver Creek AP US History Summer Assignment Page

NOTE THIS IS A SUGGESTED SUMMER ASSIGNMENT.  It will NOT be collected the first day of the school year.  However, if one does not wish to have a lot of extra work, then here is your opportunity to get a head start.

APUSH Summer Assignment

Your summer assignment will include the following.  Note that all documents can be found in the course locker.  Directions are either on the documents themselves or listed below:

  1. Terms and Questions
  2. Charts and Worksheets:
  3. US Political Map:  Label all states, capitol cities, & date of admission of each state.  (color each state a different color, so that bordering states don't share same colors)
  4. US Physical Map:  

    Label Mountains:  Appalachians, Rocky, Sierra Nevada & Coast Ranges  Lakes: Tahoe, Great Salt, Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie & Ontario Rivers:  Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, Rio Grande, Kansas, Columbia, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Red & Platte  Bodies of Water:  Pacific, Atlantic, & Gulf of Mexico 

    Color inPlains = Green, Plateaus = Yellow,Mountains (4000 - 8000ft) = Brown, Mountains (over 8000ft) = Red, Water = Blue

Rules and Expecations!

  • All Vocabulary terms, and chapter questions must be hand written for it to be counted for points.  While you may print out the questions & terms and edit the file slightly to fit in your answers.  Your definitions/descriptions / answers MUST BE DONE BY HAND!
  • Items that are typed out will be assumed copied and receive zero points
  • All  answers can be found in the textbook, America's History 8th edition.  This is our new book, so as of now the ability to check this book out over the summer may be limited.  I have provided PDF versions of the first two chapters here (see course locker)
  • All documents are in PDF format (terms/questions are in both PDF and MSword)
  • Don't get discouraged.  Remember this is an advanced placement class!
  • If you have a question about a specific assignment please email either: 
    • or

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need to purchase a study guide?  I usually say to hold off on purchasing a study guide unless you really want one.  There are a lot of free sources out there on the internet.  
  2. Will I be tested on this material?  YES!  Expect an exam on period one during the first or second week of school.
APUS Summer Assignment Locker
5/15/15 10:00 AM