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ESUHSD Graduation Requirements and UC/CSU/Community College Requirements

Graduation Requirements

To earn a diploma from the ESUHSD, students must earn 220 credits in the following areas:









Students must pass four years of English. 40
Social Science


Students must pass three years of Social Science which shall include:


  • One year of World History
  • One year of United States History
  • One semester of American Government
  • One semester of Economics


Mathematics Students must pass two years of math (the equivalent of Algebra I/Integrated Math 1 and Geometry/Integrated Math 2 or higher level courses). 20
Science Students must pass two years of college prep laboratory science. 20
Fine Arts or
Foreign Language
Students must pass a one year course in either Fine Arts or Foreign Language. 10
*Physical Education Students must pass two years of Physical Education. 9th graders will take PE-Course 1. During the 10th through 12th grades, students will take a second required year, PE-Course 2. Upon completion of PE-Course 1 and PE-Course 2, elective Physical Education courses are available. Elective PE courses include:
Adventure/Outdoor Activities, Aerobic Activities, Individual and Dual Activities, Weight Training and Fitness, Aquatics, and Dance.
Electives Students must take at least 80 units of credit in elective areas. Students may select elective courses in the following areas:
Art, Business, Consumer and Homemaking Education, English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Music, Industrial Technology Education, Physical Education, Reading, Science, Social Science and Work Experience/Central County Occupational Center (CCOC)/Regional Occupational Program (ROP).
  Total Credits Required for Graduation 220