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Academic Counselors
Contact Julie Andrade-Chapman  Julie Andrade-Chapman (408) 347-5647 Academic Counselor (I - M)
Contact Megan Cabalar  Megan Cabalar (408) 347-5635 Academic Counselor (N - Ph)
Contact Tuongvan Nguyen  Tuongvan Nguyen (408) 347-5820 Academic Counselor (Db - H)
Contact Sylvia Rabago  Sylvia Rabago (408) 347-5832 Academic Counselor (Pi - Sol)
Contact Allan Roberts  Allan Roberts (408) 347-5817 Academic Head Counselor (A - Da)
Contact Evelyn Sanchez  Evelyn Sanchez (408) 347-5636 Academic Counselor (Som - Z)


Mr. Roberts (Head Counselor)
Mr. Roberts received his bachelor's in business administration and teaching credential from San Jose State University. He went on to teach computers and accounting, among other subjects, and later earned his masters in education, along with his Pupil Personnel Services Credential. Mr. Roberts is proud to be the head counselor at Silver Creek and to have the opportunity to work with a great counseling team and a dedicated group of educators. In his spare time, he enjoys travel and spending time with family and friends.

Mr. Do
Mr. Do has been involved with education since 2006, working mostly in the after-school setting as a site supervisor and program coordinator. He graduated from Piedmont Hills High School and went on to finish his bachelor's degree at San Jose State University. He completed his Counseling Credential as well as a master's in school counseling at San Jose State as well. He is passionate about what he does. He knows and believes that all students have great potential and can achieve their potential with hard work and commitment. He loves hockey, music, and poetry. He can be a surprise because he believes life is full of surprises. You just have to explore and let the world surprise you.

Ms. Rabago
Ms. Rabago has a bachelor's in psychology from St. Mary’s College of California and a master's in school counseling. Ms. Rabago is excited to join the counseling team at Silver Creek High School. Given the large number of students on each counselor’s caseload, Ms. Rabago hopes to make your encounters with the department positive experiences. As the world changes, she encourages students to come and explore career, college, and military options!

Mrs. Sánchez
Mrs. Sánchez's educational experiences include assignments in Special Education, World Languages, and Counseling. She received her bachelor's degree in humanities from the University of Santa Clara. She completed her teacher preparation and master's degree at San Jose State University. She takes great pride in having made a difference in the lives of the youth of her native community, San Jose. She considers herself a life-long learner and encourages students to do the same. "Life is full of opportunity; all you have to do is remain open!"

Family Connection

Use Family Connection for ideas of careers to pursue, colleges to attend, and scholarships to go after!

For help logging on, take a look at the Silver Creek Counseling YouTube channel. The following videos might also be helpful as you make use of Family Connection: