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Posted 9/24/17

Due to many messages with the same concern and such, attendance is handled by our secretary, Meara Lazo! Remember to message her 24 hours prior to the practice(s) you'll be missing.


Also, make sure to print out or pick up a syllabus and have it signed by our meeting this Tuesday in I-1 during lunch! If you do not have it signed by then, you cannot perform for this season! Please contact Shannen De Ocampo tonight by 10pm if you are planning to pick one up from her during brunch or 7th period in I-2 or during practice. 


Practice resumes tomorrow a the X-Quad from 1:20-2:20. We'll be learning more basics tomorrow and on Tuesday. The officers and I will start teaching our first hula piece on Wednesday! If you do not have the basics down by the end of Tuesday's practice, we suggest practicing on your own at home.


Please tell your friends who are interested or hesitant to join that they are welcome to come by our practice tomorrow and just see what we do. The bigger the ohana, the better <3