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Be sure to come out to the X Quad at lunch on Thursday to vote for your 2017-2018 ASB Officers! Read their statements below, so you can make an informed choice!



Hey SILVER CREEK!! I'm Zayn Cochinwala and I'm running for your 2017-2018 ASB President. After working in a leadership commission, being in class office, and ASB, I know how multiple aspects of our leadership program work. 


My passion and dedication towards our school is undeniable, and I hope that I can continue to show that love for our school in senior year, as your President. 






Hey Raiders! I'm Nicholas Gonzalez and I'm running for ASB Vice President. I've been a part of Student Council/Leadership/Class Office/ASB since elementary school every year since the 6th grade. At Creek, I currently have 3 years in Leadership and that includes 1 year as an ASB officer, so why not finish it off as your Vice President? I'm hard-working, dedicated, and committed to make events at Silver Creek the best that they can be. I care about the enjoyment of the students and their opinions! With all of that being said, vote for me and help me continue to make Silver Creek a place that everyone can love and enjoy




Hey Raiders! I'm Britney Black and I'm running to be your ASB Secretary. Throughout these last two years in leadership as well as class office I have been able to grow and understand myself more as a leader. Now, not only do I want to influence my class in a greater way but I would like to spread it throughout the whole school. With that, I need your help! Please come out tomorrow and vote for me Britney Black to be your '17-'18 ASB Secretary. 




After being 2019's class Treasurer and Vice President, I have a good understanding of the hard work and commitment that has to be put into leading others. I am confident that I'll be the perfect voice for not only my class but the entire student body and I'll make sure that all funds will be used to benefit US. I cannot wait to work with all the clubs and classes. Every single vote counts. 




Hello Raiders! My name is Kevin Tran and I'm running to be your next ASB Treasurer! If elected, I will bare all my dedication and passion for the betterment of Silver Creek High and its denizens. If given the opportunity, I promise to give voice and concern to the shy, the silent, and the underrepresented. It is my mission to do what I can to improve the structure of Silver Creek, to ensure fair fundings and fundraisers for all clubs, no matter the size. My three years of experience within the Leadership class has taught me a plethora of skills and insights. The strongest of these epiphanies would be my realization of how much I love Silver Creek and every unique raider experience. Vote for innovation. Vote for difference. Vote Tran because together we can!  




Hey Silver Creek Raiders!!!

My name is Henry Trinh and I am running to be your 2017-2018 ASB Treasurer! Being in Leadership for the past 2 years has taught me many, many valuable lessons and showed me how to love and support my school. I already have experience in the field of Treasurer as I already handle the funds for our school's Student Store. I am so dedicated into helping Silver Creek, and my only goal is to make a positive impact on the majority of students! I want to support our school clubs and I want to make sure that we gain more money for the student body!  I plan on informing club officers on how to manage their accounts and keep up in check with clubs that are not tending to their bank account. I also want to make sure that school funds are being used for Students during business meetings and make sure that students will always benefit from Leadership actions. I am so motivated and so dedicated to helping my lovely school and being elected ASB Treasurer will aid me in helping Silver Creek! I'm here to support and increase the funding for our school, and I'm here to support all you Raiders!

Come out to the X-Quad tomorrow to vote me, Henry Trinh, as your 2017-2018 ASB Treasurer!

Vote for Henry Trinh and your money won't run thin!




HEY RAIDERS!! This year I decided to run, because I have always wanted to run for a leadership position. But I never gave myself and and others a chance to see how well I can lead. I believe if given the chance I would really make an impact on our school. High school has helped me grow and become a more confident, resonsible and hardworking person. You should vote for me not because you are my friend or know me or just randomly pick me, but because you know that in my own way I will help the school with everything in me, that my creativity, responsibility, compassion and many more leadership skills deserve to be used to help this school. COUNT ON ME TO COUNT FOR YOU! VOTE NIKKI VADI FOR ASB TREASURER!




Hi everyone! My name is Prachi Bhagavatha, and I am running for your 2017-2018 ASB Chief Justice! This year is my third year in leadership and second year as head of my commission, so I have an enormous amount of experience organizing and planning school activities. I love participating in and leading all our events ranging from the blood drive to FANTASTICS. Also, I am super dedicated and determined to make Silver Creek a better and fun place for everyone where all the students can voice their opinions. I will go that extra mile to make you all smile, so vote me tomorrow for your ASB Chief Justice! You won't regret it!




During my time in leadership, I took note of the importance of an ASB officer (Chief Justice) and now understand the resposibilties and the impact they have on my fellow students. I decided that running for this position will help me accomplish my goal of making a difference for the school. Some of my strengths are that I am motivated, creative, hard-working, passionate, just, and committed to my school. Because I am a well rounded student, having participated in most extracurricular activities, I can bring fair and respectable ideas and judgements to ASB. Now that I have found a position that I believe suits me best, I am ready to take on the responsibilities of Silver Creek's ASB Chief Justice. 




HEEEEYYYY RAIDERS! I am Shannen De Ocampo and I am running for your ASB Spirit Leader of 2017-2018! Ok, the real question here is: Why should you vote for me as your ASB Spirit Leader? Well let me tell you some things that make me qualified for this position. I live for school spirit, I've participated in every school event here in Silver Creek High School sponsored by the Leadership Class. I am cooperative and easy to talk to. I can get loud and hyphy, whenever and wherever! I have the experience with 3 years of leadership, 2 years of class office, 2 years of club office, and 1 year of commission head! It's my passion to speak for ALL students of Silver Creek! I always aspire to positively impact someone's life everyday. I am passionate about ASB, Silver Creek, and you Raiders! Help me reach that goal by voting for me Shannen De Ocampo as your ASB Spirit Leader of 2017-2018!




Hi raiders!!!! I'm Olivia Lerner and I'm running for your 2017-2018 ASB Spirit Leader! This job requires lots of school spirit and enthusiasm! I think I would be perfect for this position. First off, I'm a cheerleader! Through cheer I have learned how to support my school and encourage the student body as a whole, whether at rallies, football games or basketball games you'll always see me cheering on my fellow Raiders! I have also had a lot of experience through leadership and community service. I strive to work well with my peers, project an awesome image of a silver creek student, and I'm always super enthusiastic and outgoing. If you know me you know I always have a smile on my face! Whether I'm cheering on the school, dressing up on spirit days, or working with the special needs program i'm always doing it with a positive attitude. I can't wait to see what next year holds for us as a school and I hope you vote for me, Olivia Lerner, for ASB spirit leader so we can work together to make it as positive and fun as possible! I would definitely FLIP out if you voted for me!! 




My name is Sergio Guijarro and I'm running to be your 2017-2018 ASB Spirit Leader. You may have recognize me from the beginning of the school year when I ran to be the secretary of my wonderful class 2020. I've learned so much great and new things  and met so much great people on the way. I feel like now I'm ready for be something greater. I want you to be excited for when you come to school because of all the new things that I want to show everyone. I want you to feel that you are wanted and respected for the person you are. That's why I want you to feel excited about school and let the true you be set free. I want everyone to know that they are not alone. Let's make this happen one foot at a time and voting me for ASB Spirit Leader. Thank you :)

Posted by: Mrs. Seal
Published: 3/22/17

Audience: Homepage

Senior Prom 2017        

The World Awaits

The Cocoanut Grove   

Santa Cruz, CA


April 29, 2017, 7:00pm-12:00am


  • You will need the following to purchase your prom bid:
    • Your Student ID Card
    • Completed Field Trip Authorization & Release Form (a PDF of the form is attached to this news item) – for you & your guest
    • Your guest’s SCHS ID number -OR- Completed Dance Guest Pass Form (a PDF of the form is attached to this news item)
    • Payment (make checks payable to SCHS; write your name & ID number on the check)


  • All prom guests must travel to and from the prom via charter bus.


  • Prom Check-in will begin at 4:45pm until 6:00pm at SCHS Gym.


  • Bid Sales will begin Wednesday, March 29 in I-2. Bid Sales Schedule (lunch & after 6th period):
    • March 29-30
    • April 4-6 (April 6 is the last day to request a refund and to pay by check)
    • April 11-12 (Cash only; no refunds)


  • Bid Prices:
    • Bids 1-50: $95/person
    • Bids 51-100: $105/person
    • Bids 101-150: $115/person
    • Bids 151-200: $125/person
    • Bids 201-April 12: $135/person
Posted by: Mrs. Seal
Published: 3/21/17

Audience: Silver Creek Scholarship Information, Afterschool Professionals, Assistant Principals, Associates, Parents, Principals, Staff, Students, Sys Admins, Teachers, All Grades, Grade 09, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 and Homepage

     Every year generous donors provide grants and scholarships to help students cover the cost of college.  

     Find college-specific scholarships by going to the financial aid office of the college you will attend.  An example is the Spartan Pride Scholarship being offered to San Jose State Students.  For more information go to http://www.sjsu.edu/faso/Scholarships


     The Silver Creek PTSA is sponsoring a $1,000 contest.  Submit your typed single spaced 500 word essay on the topic “How Silver Creek High School Has Prepared Me For Life After High School” to ptsa.silvercreekhs@gmail.com.  Deadline: April 17th


     The Gerald & Dorothy Erich Endowment Fund offers $2,000 a year for two years.  Applicants must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, submit official transcripts and write an essay about their career plans after they graduate from high school.  Applications must be postmarked March 31, 2017. See your Counselor for an application.


     Sunjokta Nand Vij Scholarship offers three $1,000 scholarships to students who have had to overcome hardship in order to achieve academic success and who are financially challenged.  Candidates must submit an essay and provide proof of acceptance to a college.  Deadline: April 4th


     ESUHSD Go For It Scholarship offers $2,000 to graduating seniors with a 2.5+ GPA with demonstrated financial need and who have made significant contributions to their school and/or community.  See your counselor for an application.  Deadline: 3:00 PM April 4th 


     Use the internet to help you find scholarships!  Go to: www.fastweb.com

Posted by: Evelyn Sanchez
Published: 3/21/17

Audience: Homepage


Most college decisions have been released this year and yearbook is interested in how you feel about them. Please share your story using the link below for a chance to be featured in the yearbook!  



Posted by: PHUONG TRAN
Published: 3/21/17

Audience: Homepage

Hey guys! If you're interested in being an officer for BC2M. Please fill this form out! (in the attachments below) For Information contact me at iamericnguyen95@gmail.com.

Posted by: ERIC NGUYEN
Published: 3/20/17

Audience: Silver Creek Scholarship Information, Afterschool Professionals, Assistant Principals, Associates, Parents, Principals, Staff, Students, Sys Admins, Teachers, All Grades, Grade 09, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 and Homepage

Graduating seniors with a GPA above are invited to apply for the $2,000 Go For It Scholarship.  Applicants will be judged based on Financial Need, Academic Achievement, Extracurricular Activities and Service to School and Community.  Candidates should give their completed application to their counselor by April 4, 2017.


TO DOWNLOAD your copy of the application, click on the link below.

Posted by: Evelyn Sanchez
Published: 3/20/17

Audience: Afterschool Professionals, Assistant Principals, Associates, Parents, Principals, Staff, Students, Sys Admins, Teachers, All Grades, Grade 09, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 and Homepage

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund provides many scholarships to students of Hispanic heritage.  Graduating high school students who have a GPA between 2.5 and 4.0, and with a demonstrated economic need, should click on the link below for more information. 

Posted by: Evelyn Sanchez
Published: 3/17/17

Audience: Homepage

Do you lead and others follow? If so, then YOU should apply to be a class officer! Stop by room I-2 to pick up your application Tuesday, March 21-Tuesday, March 28.


Class Officer Important Dates


Applications Available in room I-2

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Candidate Meeting in room I-2

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Applications Due to Mrs. Seal in room I-2

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Candidate Rally in the X Quad

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Elections in the X Quad

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Winners Announced

Friday, April 7, 2017

Posted by: Mrs. Seal
Published: 3/16/17

Audience: Afterschool Professionals, Assistant Principals, Associates, Parents, Principals, Staff, Students, Sys Admins, Teachers, All Grades, Grade 09, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12 and Homepage



The yearbook is currently selling for $80 NOT $85 until April 24th. 


Prices will increase to $95 in May, so do not wait and secure your book at the lowest price.


Purchase at the school bank or online at yearbookforever.com. The bank is closed on Fridays.


Questions: schsgalleon@gmail.com or B2 at lunch

Posted by: Ms. King
Published: 3/15/17

Audience: Homepage

The SCHS PTSA is offering five $1000.00 Scholarships for  graduating seniors.  

 These are open to all Silver Creek Seniors who plan on attending community college or a four-year college program.


Submit your essay on the topic: "How Silver Creek High School Has Prepared Me For Life After High School." 

Essays must be:

  • In Word format,
  • Times New Roman Font (size 12)
  • Single spaced and
  • 500 words or less

Email your essay to ptsa.silvercreekhs@gmail.com by Monday April 17th.  Essays will be judged for their content and writing on the above prompt. Scholarship winners will be announced at Senior Honors Night. 





Posted by: Neeta Kapoor
Published: 3/7/17

Audience: H-Squared and Homepage

Hey Raiders! Are you of Cambodian descendent or want to know more about the Cambodian Culture? Are you interested in becoming an officer and representing CVU at Silver Creek? Luckily, CVU. are looking for potential candidates for the upcoming year of 2017-2018. FIY: you do not need to be Cambodian!


Applications are due by Monday, April 3 by midnight!


Posted by: ANNA PHAM
Published: 3/6/17

Audience: Afterschool Professionals, Assistant Principals, Associates, Parents, Principals, Staff, Students, Sys Admins, Teachers and Homepage

Pre-Vet Expo V

Sunday April 9, 2017

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Li Ka Shing Center

Stanford University (Medical School Campus)

The day starts with talks by 7 veterinarians in various fields, an informal lunch where 1 or 2 vets will join you at your table, and an afternoon with 3 rotations 1) attend Q & A panels of veterinarians in different fields, 2) attend a Q & A panel of current veterinary students from different veterinary schools, and 3) a chance to read posters on the Pre-vet path to vet school, veterinary specialties, volunteers experiences, and participate in some hands-on activities.

On-Line Pre-registration is required (URL to the website and pre-registration is on the attached flyer and also listed below)

Information on who is eligible to attend and other information is also available on the website.





This/These organization(s) was/were not vetted by Silver Creek High School.  You should check out the legitimacy of any organization before submitting personal information. 

Posted by: Allan Roberts
Published: 2/28/17

Audience: Homepage

Join us and show your spirit for 2017 by purchasing our last FANTASTICS shirt! You can wear this during our FANTASTICS rally to get counted for spirit points, too. 

Each shirt will be $25 and we will be accepting payments in I-2 to any 2017 officer. Payments are due on February 27th, 2017, if you do not submit your payment by that date, then your order will be cancelled. 


Order here!




Posted by: TRAN NGUYEN
Published: 2/16/17

Audience: Afterschool Professionals, Assistant Principals, Associates, Parents, Principals, Staff, Students, Sys Admins, Teachers and Homepage

San Jose State will be conducting workshops on VARIOUS SUBJECTS over five weeks.  While the focus will be SJSU, the information will help all students!  Seating is limited, so sign up quickly!  Priority will be given to the suggested grade level.  The workshops are as follows:


ALL WORKSHOPS ARE AT 1:30 (early release days)



-February 13, 2017 (Priority SENIORS)   Financing College   REINSTATED BY SJSU

-February 27, 2017 (Priority SENIORS)   Preparing for Your First Semester of College   

-March 6, 2017       (Priority JUNIORS)    Getting College Ready (Admission Requirements, SAT/ACT,  College Application)

-March 20, 2017     (Priority SJSU Admitted Students)  Next Steps to enrollment into SJSU

-March 27, 2017     (Priority ALL STUDENTS)  Spartan Story -- STUDENT PANEL





Posted by: Allan Roberts
Published: 2/6/17

Audience: Homepage

If you would like your club meetings announced through the Morning Announcements, please complete the Club Meeting Announcement Request form. You can begin by clicking on the attached link.

Posted by: Mrs. Seal
Published: 9/6/16