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Back to School Night

2018 BTSN Date TBA


There will be a 5-minute passing period between each class period to allow you time to move from room to room. We look forward to talking with you, inviting you into classrooms, and sharing the campus with you!

Food Sales 4:30-5:30
Meeting with Teachers 5:00-5:25
Principal's Welcome 5:25-5:35
Period 1 / Period 7 5:40-5:50
Period 2 5:55-6:05
Period 3 6:10-6:20
Period 4 6:25-6:35
Period 5 6:40-6:50
Period 6 6:55-7:05
Meeting with Teachers 7:05-7:30
Helpful Documents

Here are some PDFs that might be helpful for you to have in hand as you attend Back to School Night. Feel free to print these or keep them on your smart device for reference during the evening!